What to Expect:

  • Keynote Speeches: Hear from leaders and visionaries from renowned management consulting firms, public offices, and non-profit organizations as they share their insights and experiences in creating sustainable impact.
  • Panel Discussions: Engage with thought leaders and changemakers during in-depth discussions on pressing topics, ranging from environmental sustainability to social entrepreneurship and beyond.
  • Interactive Workshops: Roll up your sleeves and dive into hands-on workshops designed to equip you with practical skills, innovative strategies, and a deeper understanding of how to navigate the challenges of creating social impact.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, including passionate professionals, students, and alumni, all dedicated to making a difference. This is your chance to expand your network, find mentors, and perhaps even spark collaborations that could change the course of your impact journey.


Why You Should Attend:

The Social Impact Conference 2024 is more than just an event; it's a platform that brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to explore the multifaceted nature of social impact. It's a place where learning, inspiration, and action intersect, offering a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn from experts and gain new perspectives on complex challenges.
  • Engage with innovative ideas and practical solutions.
  • Network with a community of individuals who share your passion for change.


Join Us:

Step into a day of inspiration, challenge, and connection at the Social Impact Conference 2024. Discover your role in impact, learn from the experiences of others, and leave equipped to take action on the issues that matter most to you.

Ready to step up as a change agent? Secure your place at the forefront of social innovation and entrepreneurship. Together, let's explore what it means to make an impact and how we can each contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.

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Spotlight moment 1
Panel 1: Tech for Good
Keynote: Fireside Chat: Role of Corporations in Creating and Driving an Impact
Panel 2: Role of Corporates in Sustainability
Keynote Speaker 2: Empowering the Next Generation: Harnessing Education and Youth Activism to Combat Poverty
Workshop 1: GovTech (w/ PUBLIC)
Workshop 2: Impact investing (w/ Cambridge Associates)
Workshop 3: Climate change (w/ Climate Fresk)
Spotlight 2 - Beam
Spotlight 3 - One Million Voices
Panel 3: Finance for Impact
Final Keynote

Graeme Burns is a Partner at BCG London office and he is one of the leaders in BCG's European Tech, Media & Telecom (TMT) and Digital businesses, with extensive strategy, digital product & transformation experience. He has served clients in the telco, media, information services, healthcare, consumer goods and public service sectors across the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. 

Graeme is passionate about digital economy, and has helped his clients navigate and harness technology disruption, innovation and new ways of working to enhance their business. 

In the first Panel of the day, we will discuss different ways in which technology can create a lasting impact in society and debate the present and future for impact-driven tech innovators. We will hear directly from social entrepreneurs who are leveraging tech to create meaningful changes in society and explore how the development and adoption of technology, including artificial intelligence and smart automation, has the potential of improving communities and lives, through tackling big social and environmental problems.

In this fireside chat, we'll delve into how Warner Bros Discovery aims to generate impact, both inside the organization and in the wider community. Kelly Wilson, with extensive experience in the company's CSR initiatives and recent role as Director for Social Impact at Warner Bros Discovery, will offer insights into the CSR team's structure and the challenges corporations encounter in this arena. She will also share her personal journey of building a career focused on making a difference through corporate social responsibility.

The panel will discuss the role of corporations in sustainability, focusing on various aspects such as evolution of sustainability initiatives, successful implementation examples, challenges faced, measuring impact, partnerships, and future trends. Panelists will share insights on the evolution of sustainability initiatives throughout their careers, successful examples from their experiences, challenges in integrating sustainability into business models, ensuring transparency and accountability in sustainability efforts, collaboration with stakeholders, and emerging trends in the relationship between corporations and sustainability.

In this talk, Zubair will explore the transformative potential of youth-led initiatives in addressing inequalities worldwide. Drawing from his decade-long commitment to fighting educational inequity and the success of ZNotes, a community-powered learning platform he initiated as a teenager that has reached 5M learners from 190+ countries. Zubair will highlight the pivotal role of learners as active contributors and solutions in the education system. The talk will also emphasize the broader impact of youth empowerment, extending beyond academic improvement to foster global citizenship and social capital redistribution - ultimately fighting poverty. Through testimonials and data, the talk will explore how youth-led initiatives like ZNotes inspire, upskill, and empower young people to become leaders and changemakers of tomorrow.

In our rapidly evolving digital landscape, the public sector encounters unique challenges and opportunities for transformation and adaptation. Led by Ryan Shea, Managing Director at PUBLIC, this workshop is designed to provide participants with essential frameworks and insights for leading digital transformation in public institutions and beyond.

Participants will dive into the public sector's complexities, engaging with both broad and detailed aspects of digital transformation through expert discussions, case studies, and interactive sessions. They'll discover innovative strategies to tackle common challenges, use digital technology to boost service delivery, efficiency, and public value.

By the end of the workshop, attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the public sector's digital transformation landscape, learning how to manage stakeholder expectations, navigate regulatory spaces, and seize digital opportunities to fulfill public needs.

Keen to grasp the landscape of institutional investors and their decision-making processes, with a chance to apply insights through a lively case discussion?

Dive in with Marie Ang, Investment Director of Sustainable and Impact Investing at Cambridge Associates, in a hands-on workshop. Together, we'll explore how asset owners shape their investment portfolios and engage in a deep-dive impact investing case study, enriching our understanding and application of these concepts.

Seize this priceless chance to arm yourself with the practical knowledge and tools essential for any career in impact.

Join us for a dynamic Climate Change Workshop, led by sustainability expert Sam Baker! We'll explore the causes and effects of climate change, including feedback loops and intersectional impacts. Through brainstorming and collaboration, you'll work with fellow participants to develop impactful solutions for a more sustainable future. Sam will guide the discussion, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and culminating in presentations of your proposed actions. This interactive session is a must-attend for anyone committed to sustainability and making a positive change.

Join us for an inspiring talk by Alex Stephany, an award-winning social entrepreneur and the founder of Beam. Alex will share his journey of founding Beam, an innovative tech platform dedicated to supporting homeless people and refugees into stable jobs and homes. With over 3,000 lives transformed and £4.5m raised to support them, Alex will discuss the power of technology in addressing pressing social issues. Drawing from his experience as CEO of JustPark and author of "The Business of Sharing," Alex will delve into the transformative potential of social business and the sharing economy. Get ready to be inspired by Alex's insights on leveraging technology for social impact and driving positive change in communities worldwide.

Catia Dal Poz is the Founder of One Million Voices, a purpose-driven multimedia platform that champions individuals and organisations who are driving positive change in the world. Through a compelling blend of online content, interviews, and live events, it offers a unique opportunity for audiences to connect with the stories of changemakers and be inspired to make a difference themselves. 

Catia has served in multiple leadership positions in distinguished women’s organisations in the UK. A seasoned public speaker and moderator, she regularly hosts flagship events and participates in global conferences. 

She holds an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and has produced special news segments and programmes for some of the world’s major television broadcasters. 

In this panel, we will delve into the intersection of finance and social responsibility. Our distinguished panelists, including experts from leading financial institutions and impact investment firms, will explore how finance can be a powerful tool for driving positive change in society. From sustainable investing strategies to innovative financial models, we'll uncover the latest trends and best practices in leveraging capital for social and environmental impact. Gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of impact finance and discover how you can align your financial goals with your values. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and be inspired to make a difference through your financial decisions.

Radha Basu is the Founder and CEO of iMerit, and the co-founder of Anudip Foundation - iMerit's sister foundation - a leading tech entrepreneur, and a pioneer in the Indian software business.  
Through iMerit and Anudip, Radha is committed to using her wealth of experience in technology management to holistically address one of the worlds most pressing challenges: youth unemployment. To date, iMerit has employed and skilled hundreds of marginalized women and youth in digital and data services. iMerit employees contribute to growing industries ranging from virtual/augmented reality, to the sharing economy, to e-commerce and financial services. 
Before founding iMerit and Anudip, Radha served as the Chairman & CEO of SupportSoft. She led the company through initial and secondary public offerings in 2000 and 2003, and built it into a worldwide market leader in support automation software.  
Prior to SupportSoft, Basu spent 20 years at Hewlett Packard.  Her most recent position at HP was Senior General Manager of the Electronic Business Software Organization, which she grew to a global $1.2 billion business. Radha's career at HP had begun as she founded the company's operations in India and set up the first software center of any multinational in Bangalore. 
Radha currently sits on the boards of NetHope, Jhumki Basu Foundation, and Santa Clara CSTS. 


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