If you attended London Business School in the past and have previous board experience, you can become an LBS Alumni Mentor and provide additional leadership training to the Fellows you will be matched with. We need your help!

Please contact us at: boardfellows@london.edu

Fellows from the programme represent the best in leadership and business experience, they solve strategic problems and grow the organisation from their board position. Fellows are matched with a London-based NGO/charity Board for a period of up to two years. Mentors will contribute to the professional development of the Fellows, helping them address challenges in their experience and guiding them to best practices while serving on Board positions.


Please send the following information:

Your most recent CV

Contact information: Name, email address, phone number, LBS degree, LinkedIn profile URL

Please describe your motivations for applying to be a Mentor for the LBS Board Fellows Programme.

Have you served on a Board of Directors/Trustees in the past? Or currently on a Board?
What type of company or institution is/was it?
What is/was your position on the Board?
What is/was the mission or cause of the institution on whose Board you hold the position?
How many hours a month would you be available to connect with the LBS Board Fellow?
Do you have previous mentoring or coaching experience?
Do you have previous experience as a mentee? What would you have done differently?

Thank you for your interest in LBS Board Fellows Programme.

Thank you

Your LBS Board Fellows ExCo