Board Effectiveness Relies On Board Diversity

“We acknowledge that recruitment of trustees is challenging for many charities, especially when seeking trustees with particular skill sets. However, we believe that trustee diversity is important, as boards with a range of skills, experiences, ages and backgrounds are likely to lead to better governance”…“diverse boards make better decisions and are better placed to sustain charities in a changing environment”                                                                                                               - House of Lords, Select Committee on Charities, March 2017


  1. Research indicates that younger trustees enhance board effectiveness through their enthusiasm, fresh perspectives, and insights into today’s fast-changing world

  2. However, 2/3 of charity trustees are over 50 (with the average mean age being 57), and young professionals (25-29) make up only 1.5% of trustees in England and Wales

  3. The LBS Board Fellows Programme places LBS’s students on non-profit organisations’ boards to help provide diverse boards


Should you have any questions about the programme, please contact the Board Fellows:​

For the Non-profit Organisations

If you wish to take part in the LBS Board Fellows Programme, please go to the Charities section at the top of the page and complete the survey with all the required information.

We will get back to you as soon as possible to assign you a Fellow!


For the Fellows

Please note that we are not currently recruiting board Fellow members, this recruitment process will run at another time. Details will be posted here closer to the time.