What is the Board Fellows Programme? 

The LBS Board Fellows Programme places LBS students in the board of the directors of charities based in London for a period of up to two years. And that’s not it! Each member will benefit from additional leadership training and will be matched with an LBS Alumni Mentor with previous board experience. 


How do I apply for the Board Fellows Programme? 

For the upcoming year, applications are now closed.


How many working hours per week do I need to commit to the Programme and is there any additional work required? 

Generally, the expected time commitment is roughly 2 hours a week, depending on the NGO needs in addition to the board meeting schedule. This includes work on a special project and/or subcommittee commitments which will vary by NGO. 


What are the required skills to be part of a board? 

We are looking for students with relevant business or non-profit experience who can contribute to the board of our partner NGOs, which have different needs – from finance to strategy and human resources. Having previous experience in NGOs or as a member of a board are not required, but it certainly strengthens your application. 


What kind of support will I have? 

  • Mentor 

  • Training 

  • ExCo 


How long will the process last? 

In the first batch, we expect to collect the applications by the end of April, invite for interviews in the first weeks of May and release the results mid May.