Chris Blattman, Professor of Economics at University of Chicago

After the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003, 'wheelbarrow boys' were considered the greatest threat to security in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia in West Africa. How can street violence be significantly reduced?

Nathan Nunn, Professor of Economics at Harvard University

It is well known that foreign aid can have important benefits. However, there is also a number of concerns associated with foreign aid. Watch Nathan Nunn's showcase of academic research.

Ruben Enikolopov, Professor of Economics at New Economic School

Talking about conflict in fragile countries, Ruben Enikolopov explains how properly implemented development programs by the government can counter violence given that the insurgency is locally-based.

Bdour Alhyari, Business Development Manager at Microfund for Women

Bdour Alhyari, speaking at the Wheeler Institute's conference "Business and Fragile States" on 9th of October 2018, emphasises the importance of taking risks to make a change.

Sejal Aghera, Legal Counsel at Save the Children Fund UK

Listen to Sejal Aghera's approach on how to foster new business relationships to help solve the world's most prominent problems in developing countries such as prevention of child labour and human trafficking.

Lars Narfeldt, COO at RA International in dialogue with the Wheeler Institute

Learn more about the work of RA International, one of Africa's leading remote site construction and service specialist.

In conversation: Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Lars Narfeldt and Nick Hughes, moderated by Rajesh Chandy

Learn more about how the rise of private development companies is impacting the way that humanitarian aid and development assistance are implemented.

Mark Bowden, Former Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Afghanistan

Watch Mark Bowden's video and learn more about different types of fragile states.

Ewen Macleod, Special Adviser to the High Commissioner (UNHCR)

In conversation with the Wheeler Institute Ewen Macleod talks about the role of UNHCR which very often goes way beyond a mandate of a humanitarian agency.

Chris Coghlan, Founder GROW Movement

LBS alumnus Chris Coghlan points out the main challenges for investors and entrepreneurs in fragile states, especially in the context of mobile technology.

Elias Papaioannou: Landmine clearance - A path to development

Watch Professor Papaioannou's insights on landmine clearance in Mozambique and how his research can impact postwar countries around the world.