#EshipForum2015: Unleash the Beast

Starts: 8:30 AM 2015
Ends: 6:00 PM 2015
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Vinopolis, London SE1 9BU, UK
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Get ready to roar!

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with an amazing idea? Or do you have a dream to grow an idea to be bigger and better? Or do you have a longing to toss it all in and take the proceeds to sail away to an island paradise?

No matter what stage of the entrepreneurial journey you are at, we've got some inspiration ready and waiting for you!

Combining keynote speakers from venture capital and private equity, interactive workshops run by experienced entrepreneurs, and the chance to meet the founders of several new and exciting start ups in the London scene, the Entrepreneurship Forum 2015 promises you a day of networking, inspiring presenters, and fun workshops.

So, are you ready to unleash that beast inside of you?

Kindle your entrepreneurial spirit and make your way to the Entrepreneurship Forum 2015!

#UnleashTheBeast #EshipForum2015

Thank you very much!


Workabode, an on demand office centre

Innotribe, SWIFT's in-house incubator




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Networking at #EshipForum2015
We're developing a personal way of networking on the EshipForum2015.

What do you look for? Who would you like to talk to? What are some of the networking experiences that you have on other conferences that worked good or could be better?

Let us know! Reply
First steps of testing a startup idea
Hi everyone,

am currently working on a startup idea that I would like to test even before building an MVP. Would love to share our hypotheses that we'd like to test to hear your input.

Do get in touch! Reply


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