Registration and Check-In
15:30  to  16:00
Welcome Address
16:00  to  16:15
François Ortalo-Magné. Dean. London Business School.
Opening Keynote: Why is now the moment for positive disruption?
16:15  to  16:45

Join us for an opening keynote focused on the evolution of the Tech for Good movement in London. Specifically, this keynote will examine how the unique mix of talent and stakeholders in London as well as broader societal and economic trends delivered this moment for tech for good to disrupt – positively.

Paul Miller. CEO. Bethnal Green Ventures.
Exponential Impact: How tech is driving forward leaps
16:45  to  17:30

This panel will explore digital leapfrogging, wherein developing markets use technology to leap from a relative scarcity of infrastructure to leading the world (e.g., mobile devices leapfrogging landlines). For this panel, we will be speaking with today's innovators on how they are driving forward incremental leaps in areas from insurance to biometrics to addresses to electricity. 

Moderator: Raji Jagadeesan. Executive Director. Wheeler Institute for Business & Development.
Ashley Marie Cashion. Head of Automotive. what3words.
Vaughan Lindsay. Executive Director. Leapfrog Labs.
Christie Civetta. Simprints.
Aramé Awanis. Project Manager. m-Kopa.
17:30  to  18:00
Thinking Vertically: Comparing Tech for Good across industries
18:00  to  18:45

While Tech for Good is used to describe any organization focused on using technology to create social good using, the term masks wide variations. By speaking with leaders from various sectors (e.g., financial services, food) focused on various technologies (e.g., blockchain, social), we will uncover the breadth of the activity in the sector, including different approaches that are being taken as well as the commonalities that tie it together as a movement. 

Moderator: Maiko Schaffrath. Seed Investor / Acceleration Programme Manager. Wayra.
Boaz Valkin. Senior Relationship Manager. Prodigy Finance.
Sims Witherspoon. Global Product Marketing Lead, Crisis Response. Google.
David Jackson. Head of Marketing. Winnow Solutions.
Tamsin Chislett. Head of Impact Research & Innovation. ClearlySo.
The Business Case: An investor perspective on why tech for good is a smart bet
18:45  to  19:30

While many believe Tech for Good startups can be successful and profitable, there are certain investors who go so far as to claim that they can deliver superior returns by focusing on Tech for Good specifically. This panel will bring these investors out to discuss their 'investment thesis' and make the case for Tech for Good financially.

Moderator: Julian Blake. Director. DigitalAgenda.
Ella Goldner. Co-Founder, GM. Zinc.
Ameya Upadhyay. Principal, Investments. Omidyar Network.
Teddy Kim. Senior Associate. Mustard Seed.
Manish Miglani. Investment Director. Nesta Impact Investments.
Closing Keynote: A new foundation for building trust
19:30  to  19:45

Social levels of trust have dropped dramatically in recent years, accelerated by headlines about the end of privacy, election meddling and malfeasance by other trusted parties. Our closing keynote rejects the conclusion that this is inevitable, exploring how technology can be leveraged to counteract this, serving as a new foundation for rebuild trust in society. 

Noa Gafni Slaney. Partner. Dalberg Media.
Dazzle Me: A showcase of tech for good in the real world
19:45  to  21:15

End the evening with a happy hour and demos of Tech for Good solutions. 


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