Investing remains an incredibly powerful tool for social impact: unlocking the 3-4 trillion USD of capital flowing through global markets, daily. Industry maturation has invited wider case studies, further data, and deeper insight.

This conference will introduce expert insight and frameworks to understand systemic issues & considerations; create scope for context and differentiation between different regional markets and actors; reckon with how to measure and disclose impact; explore themes such as AI, big data, and ethics; explore investor-investee relationships and trade-offs; and consider various financial instruments and approaches. We are keen to move beyond broad brush success and excitement, and into deeper actionable conversations that spark real advancements in-industry.




Hermes Investment Management


Registration and Check-In
08:15  to  09:00
Keynote Address
09:30  to  10:00
Saker Nusseibeh. CEO. Hermes Investment Management.
Systematic Investing
10:00  to  10:30
Break for Morning Tea
10:30  to  11:00
The Human Element
11:00  to  11:30
Regional Differences
11:30  to  12:00
Break for Lunch
12:00  to  13:00
Innovative Investment Vehicles
13:30  to  14:00
AI and Big Data
14:00  to  14:30
Disclosure and measurement of impact
14:30  to  15:00
Closing Address
15:30  to  16:00
Drinks and Networking
16:00  to  19:00



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Starts: 9:00 AM 2019
Ends: 5:00 PM 2019
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London Business School, Ratcliffe Centre Reception, London NW1 4SA
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