Investing remains an incredibly powerful tool for social impact: unlocking the 3-4 trillion USD of capital flowing through global markets, daily. Industry maturation has invited wider case studies, further data, and deeper insight. This conference will draw on expert insight to explore the complexities and challenges of sustainable, responsible and impact investing.

The morning will focus on ESG investments, with an investigation of systemic issues and considerations of investing in bond and equity markets followed by an assessment of the various financial instruments and approaches used in private markets. The panelists will then dive into an exploration of the role of technology for ESG investing.

In the afternoon we will cover many important facets of impact investing, including the tradeoffs in investor-investee relationships, the challenges of meeting best practice impact measurement and disclosure and important regional differences to consider when investing for development. 

We are keen to move beyond broad brush success and excitement, and into deeper actionable conversations that spark real advancements in industry.




Hermes Investment Management

Co-Founder and Senior Partner
Generation Investment Management

London Business School


Director, Sustainable and Impact Investing
UBS Asset Management

Bridges Fund Management

CEO and Founder

Head of ESG & Sustainability
Coller Capital

Executive Vice President

LGT Berenberg Impact Ventures UK

Vice President - Sustainable Investing Manager

Bridges Fund Management

Executive Chairman
Accounting for Sustainability (A4S)

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
London Business School


Herbert Smith Freehills

Senior Director Business Development

Senior Advisor - Impact Investing & SDGs
United Nations Development Programme

Investment Director
Global Innovation Fund

Bridges Fund Management

Head of Institutional Sales

Director of Innovation

Director of Sustainability Innovation
Carbon Credentials

Product Manager

Executive Chairman
World of Books


08:30  to  09:30
Welcome from the Social Impact Club
09:30  to  09:45
Opening Keynote
09:45  to  10:30
Saker Nusseibeh. CEO. Hermes Investment Management.
Systematic considerations for ESG investing
10:30  to  11:00

This fireside chat between two market leaders will paint a picture of the current opportunities and challenges of ESG investments in the equity and bond markets. Our speakers will describe how the ESG methodology has been adopted and developed over time, and where they see it going in the next ten years. They will unpack various approaches, and explore analogous sources of inspiration.

Mathieu De Sutter. Executive Vice President. PIMCO.
Marissa Blankenship. Director, Sustainable and Impact Investing. UBS Asset Management.
Break for Morning Tea
11:00  to  11:30
Financial mechanisms unlocking new sources of capital
11:30  to  12:00

In this fireside chat, two firms specialising in two alternative asset classes - real assets and private equity - will discuss the challenges and opportunities they have seen through their unique approaches to sustainable and responsible investing. ESG investing is not as common in private markets, to date. However, private markets are growing and offer a different and powerful dimension to sustainability investing: ownership of the company or the asset.

Adam Black. Head of ESG & Sustainability. Coller Capital.
Katherine Sherwin. Vice President - Sustainable Investing Manager. BlackRock.
The role of technology: AI and Big Data
12:00  to  12:45

This panel will explore the role of technology in ESG and impact investing. We will draw from our speakers' experiences and perspectives on how AI and big data can drive improved corporate sustainability and performance. They will discuss the various impacts that technology has and will have on guiding investment, increasing information flow, and measuring impact.

Moderator: Sam Baker

Sam Baker. Partner. Deloitte.
Omar Selim. CEO. Arabesque.
Sam Carson. Director of Sustainability Innovation. Carbon Credentials.
Nadia Sood. CEO and Founder. CreditEnable.
Dr. Donato Calace. Director of Innovation. Datamaran.
Introducing the LBS Impact Ventures Fund
12:45  to  13:00
Break for Lunch
13:00  to  14:00
Bringing it to life: investor and investee relationships
14:00  to  14:30

In this fireside chat, an investor and investee will bring the impact investing process to life by sharing their experiences on a specific transaction. In November 2016 Bridges invested in World of Books, a pioneering platform that facilitates the re-use and recycling of books that may otherwise end up in landfill (one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions in the UK). Oliver Wyncoll, Bridges deal lead and Ken Blair, co-owner and then Chairman of World of Books, will offer their unique perspectives on the transaction from both sides of the deal table, as well as on the subsequent impact that the Bridges investment had.

Interviewer: Antony Ross

Antony Ross. Partner. Bridges Fund Management.
Oliver Wyncoll. Partner. Bridges Fund Management.
Ken Blair. Executive Chairman. World of Books.
Measurement and disclosure of impact
14:30  to  15:15

Leading social impact organisations use a wide array of impact measurement practices and methodologies. Our panelists will consider the costs and benefits of the various approaches to impact measurement and disclosure and the contexts in which they are effective or not. They will discuss how to measure impact from multiple stakeholders' perspectives.

Moderator: Stephen Newby

Stephen Newby. Partner. Herbert Smith Freehills.
Jessica Fries. Executive Chairman. Accounting for Sustainability (A4S).
Stefanie Kneer. Manager. Bridges Fund Management.
Kurt Morriesen. Senior Advisor - Impact Investing & SDGs. United Nations Development Programme.
Gabi Brito Barbosa. Product Manager. Acumen.
Break for Afternoon Tea
15:15  to  15:45
Regional differences: investing for good around the world
15:45  to  16:30

The key issues, challenges, common misconceptions, and pitfalls of impact investing vary by regions and markets. Our expert panelists will discuss the why some efforts fail whilst others succeed in their specific markets. They will discuss complements and differences between their markets, areas of notable or consistent synergy or difference. And, together, they will draw on their broad and varied experience to provide more inclusive insight.

Moderator: Ioannis Ioannou

Ioannis Ioannou. Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. London Business School.
Avinash Mishra. Investment Director. Global Innovation Fund.
Farrukh H. Khan. Senior Director Business Development. Acumen.
Kevin Bone. Partner. LGT Berenberg Impact Ventures UK.
Jon Wright. Head of Institutional Sales. ClearlySo.
Closing Keynote
16:30  to  16:45
David Blood. Co-Founder and Senior Partner. Generation Investment Management.
Closing Remarks
16:45  to  17:00
François Ortalo-Magné. Dean. London Business School.
Networking Drinks
17:00  to  19:00




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Next door to London Business School - Sussex Place Campus








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